About Us


David Marchant

Founder - Inform Economics

Inform Economics exists to have a positive social impact on our community.

We help our clients by applying the tools and techniques of economic and financial analysis to inform decisions, assess impact, demonstrate value, influence outcomes and secure funding.

We work across many sectors and are proud of our work that has contributed to: 

  • Increased participation in cancer screening and early detection programs

  • Reductions in smoking

  • Improved access to health services

  • Reduced workplace injuries and fatalities

  • Increased community resilience to bush fires

  • Reductions in skin cancer risk

  • Improvements in timeliness and coverage of childhood immunisation

  • Increased participation in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

  • Ongoing investment in programs to make healthy behaviour changes

  • Preventing asbestos-related disease

  • Reductions in littering

  • Increased economic activity through visitation and events

  • Improvements in fire fighting capability


We are specialists in our technical fields and work across many sectors including:

  • Disability

  • Environment

  • Fire and Emergency Management

  • Government Services

  • Health

  • Infrastructure

  • Tourism & Events

  • Workplace Safety


We are an approved Full Prequalification supplier under the NSW Government Prequalification Scheme: Performance and Management Services – SCM005 for the following categories:

  • Financial/economic advisory services (5f)

  • Strategic business cases (1b)

  • Strategy development and planning (1a)

  • Business performance reviews (1c)

  • Cost management (1f)

  • Accounting services (5a)