Government Advertising Campaigns

In NSW, there is a legislative and policy framework in place for all state government advertising.

Section 7 (1) of the Government Advertising Act 2011 No 35 requires that a cost-benefit analysis of a NSW Government advertising campaign is carried out before the campaign commences if the cost of that campaign is likely to exceed $1,000,000.

Guidance for undertaking cost-benefit analysis of advertising campaigns includes:

Cost-Benefit Analysis Framework for Government Advertising and Information Campaigns

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Government Advertising: A User Guide

NSW Government Guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis (TPP17-03)

Since 2011, we have helped many agencies to prepare cost-benefit analyses that meet statutory and other applicable requirements, and we have supported them through the approval process of the Cabinet Standing Committee on Communication and Government Advertising.

Examples of recent campaigns that we have assisted include:

NSW Rural Fire Service | Prepare Act Survive | How Fireproof is Your Plan?

To help people ensure they’re ready to act when they need to, the campaign by the NSW Rural Fire Service asks NSW residents ‘How Fireproof is your plan?’ The campaign uses powerful human stories that contrast the destructive power of fire with the dangers of insufficient planning and preparation.

Campaign developed by J. Walter Thompson

Cancer Institute NSW | Your Time in The Sun

Since 2005, the Cancer Institute NSW has delivered public education campaigns to help to reduce skin cancer across the state, by changing peoples' attitudes to sun safety. The ‘Your Time in the Sun’ campaign encourages young people to feel what it is like to have their time around the sun cut short - before they achieve their life goals.

Campaign developed by OMD.© State of New South Wales (Cancer Institute NSW). For current information go to

SafeWork NSW | Safety Starts With You

Imagine if you, or your worker, were seriously injured because your workplace wasn’t safe. How would your family and friends feel? And how would you pay the bills? Safety depends on employers and workers – together. The ‘Safety Starts With You’ campaign helps you start a conversation about your workplace safety.

Campaign developed by Banjo. More information on Safety Starts With You available here.