Evaluation and Review

Evaluation is the systematic and objective assessment of a program or project and plays a key role in decision-making by helping us understand whether the program or project is relevant (are we doing the right thing), effective (are the objectives being achieved), efficient (are the objectives being achieved economically), having impact (are real differences being made) and sustainable.

Reviews are also an assessment of a program or project but are typically performed periodically or on an ad-hoc basis. Often reviews will be undertaken to assess progress (to inform improvement) or to collect sufficient data in a timely manner (to inform decision-making).   

Our work in this area includes:

  • Program evaluation

  • Economic evaluation

    • Cost-benefit analysis

    • Cost effectiveness analysis

  • Outcome (or impact) evaluation

  • Agency and program reviews

  • Post-implementation reviews

  • Benefits realisation

  • Value for money reviews

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Examples of recent work include:


Destination NSW | Ex-Post Cost-Benefit Analysis

Destination NSW is the lead government agency for the New South Wales tourism and major events sectors. A key part of its activities is the development and delivery of integrated and collaborative marketing campaigns in the international and domestic markets. 

We undertook ex-post cost-benefit analysis of different types of domestic and international campaign and helped develop a methodology for undertaking cost-benefit analysis that could be applied to future campaigns on either an ex-ante or ex-post basis.

NSW Rural Fire Service | Post-Acquisition Financial Analysis of Aviation Assets

To inform a strategic review that NSW Rural Fire Service was undertaking in relation to its aviation needs, we undertook independent financial analysis of all aircraft that had been acquired. Our analysis included consideration of costs and benefits, and assessment of whether the acquisition and ownership had delivered value for money.

Other Resources

If you are planning and/or commissioning an evaluation of a program or project, useful resources include: