Economic and Financial Modelling

We provide economic and financial modelling support for organisations needing to undertake

  • Business case development

  • Capital planning

  • Cost recovery

  • Demand modelling

  • Economic and financial feasibility

  • Funding submissions

  • Investment prioritisation

  • Pricing or charges for service

  • Strategy development

Examples of recent work include:

NSW Rural Fire Service | Pricing Methodology for Rotary Aircraft

NSW Rural Fire Service owns several rotary aircraft which, from time-to-time, are made available to other NSW government agencies and to other state or territory emergency services.

We worked with NSW Rural Fire Service to develop a pricing methodology for rotary aircraft owned by them.  The methodology addressed multiple factors including new natural disaster funding arrangements, different types of end-user, recovery of costs, and broader government policy issues around contestability and competitive neutrality.  

BreastScreen NSW | Capacity Planning

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in NSW amongst women, accounting for 29.0% of all cancers diagnosed in females in NSW. Early detection of breast cancer increases the treatment options available and improves the chance of survival.

BreastScreen NSW is part of the national breast cancer screening program and invites women in NSW aged between 50 and 74 years for a free mammogram every two years. BreastScreen NSW is delivered by nine regional Screening and Assessment Services across more than 250 different venues (mobile and permanent sites).

To inform decision-making at both local and state-level, we conducted a long-term capacity planning review of BreastScreen NSW services across the state, including modelling and analysis of:

  • Population growth

  • Screening patterns and frequency

  • Participation levels

  • Participation goals

  • Future service demand

  • Future capacity

  • Capacity gaps

  • Capital investment requirements and prioritisation